Cyclist Cocktail: “Radler”

On the second day of our cycle tour Michael and I decided to pay a visit to Saltbox Brewery in Mahone Bay (Nova Scotia, Canada). Here we discovered the Cyclist Cocktail and learnt the story to how it came to be. This story shows a good historic link between beer and cycling, and is an awesome example of beercycle touring.

Cyclist Cocktail, saltbox brewery
Chilling at Saltbox brewery in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

The Story of the Cyclist Cocktail

The “Cyclist” Cocktail, also known as the “Radler” (German for cyclist) is a popular German drink that dates back to 1922. Originally the drink was called Radlermass, translating to “cyclist liter” and was created in Bavaria, Germany by an Innkeeper called, Franz Kugler. During the 1920s there was a cycling boom. In response to this boom, Kugler created a bicycle trail from the city of Munich to his inn. The trail was a pleasant trail that winded through the countryside and woods. On a sunny day in 1922, 13,00 cyclists (apparently – not too sure how true this is?) paid Kugler’s inn a visit. Unsurprisingly, the cyclists were thirsty and Kugler was fast running out of beer. He solved this dilemma by blending the beer he had (a wheat beer) with lemonade. Viola – the cyclist cocktail was born!

Cyclist Cocktail

Want to fill your bike growlers with some refreshing cyclist cocktail? Check out the recipe below to make your own beer cocktail.

Cyclist Cocktail Recipe




Servings: 1


  • 1 Part Cold Beer: for a traditional “Radler” style cocktail, use Hefeweizen (wheat beer)
  • 1 Part Cold Lemonade
  • Glass type: Pilsner


  1. Pour in the lemonade.
  2. Pour in the beer (option to include ice cubes).
  3. Drink.
  4. Enjoy.
  5. Repeat.

Do you know of some more historic beercycling stories? Submit your stories to – we would love to hear all about them!

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