Brewhouse Brewery Margaret River Guest Review

Brewhouse Brewery Margaret River

This week’s cycle brewery guest review is by a very special person. Someone that is at least partially responsible for my appreciation of beer. My Dad, Mark, who checked out the new Brewhouse Brewery Margaret River, while out on the bike for the day.

About the Brewhouse Brewery Margaret River

Location:                 Margaret River winery region, Western Australia

Address:                  35 Bussell Highway, Margaret River, Western Australia


Opening hours:    Mon to Thurs: 11am to 7pm, Fri & Sat: 11am to 9pm, Sun: 11am to 10pm

Facilities/ Services: Brewery, restaurant, beer garden, live music, events, Sunday session, take aways, and soon to have bicycles and bike paraphernalia displayed in the brewery.

Interesting fact: The brewery is running a special promo at the moment. They are asking all mountain bike aficionados to swap a funky/vintage mountain bike or unique mountain bike paraphernalia to display at the Brewhouse in exchange for a keg of Brewhouse beer of your choice!

Brewhouse Brewery Margaret River

Brewhouse Brewery Margaret River Guest Review: Mark’s thoughts of the brewery, the beers and whether it’s cycle friendly.

The Brewhouse Brewery Margaret River is located north of the bridge that leads into town on the Brussel Hwy. If approaching by bike from the north, care should be taken immediately before arriving at the Brewery on the left, as there are a number of blind bends. Also coming out of town take particular care crossing the bridge, particularly being aware of oncoming traffic that should be slowing on approach to the bridge but note that cannot be assumed.

The Brewery appears to be a modern building set back off the road behind a car park – look out for the multi-armed mermaid statue that identifies it. Although we are told the building dates from the 1940’s the general appearance is that it’s all very new. Its immediately obvious that no bike racks were provided so be prepared to chain your bikes together to ensure there safekeeping while participating in beer sampling.

Brewhouse Brewery Margaret River

Although I had a long cycle trek from Busselton I was planning on sampling only a few beers in 250ml schooners, the choice was either 3 or 8 of these and they appeared fairly inflexible to change this, so 3 it was! I tried to select them carefully. I choose the Inji Pale Ale, which lived up to its claim of being a bold American Pale Ale with a slight hint of bitterness. Next came the Red Tail IPA, which was a full bodied north western US style beer with a firmer bitterness compared to the first one. Finishing off I tried the Kuttback Kolsch which was a German style Ale, again it lived up to its claimed origins. My favourite beer was the Red Tail IPS hands down. Often with new breweries the beer can be developing (putting it nicely), here however the beer is of a very high standard.

Brewhouse Brewery Margaret River

Although we didn’t eat here, the meals we saw appeared to be of a high standard and reasonably price, a selection of sharing plates ($10-20), meals and pizza ($20-30) is on offer together with a kids menu ($10-15) and deserts. Bottled tap water is on a help yourself basis and provided in a barrel in the dinning area.

We visited on a wet day. Not much was on offer to aid us in drying our things or tend to our bikes under shelter – the absence of a bike rack maybe rectified I was advised. There is an outdoor lawned area at the rear of the building that has a clear view into the brewery manufacturing area.

Brewhouse Brewery Margaret River

Care should be taken when cycling in the Margaret River region, The 2 main roads running down through the region are the Brussel Hwy and The Caves road both running parallel with each other and have quit a high volume of traffic. I preferred cycling the Brussel Hwy because generally the road is fairly straight and is quite wide with mostly reasonable finished edges in good condition. The caves road is narrower with more bends and dips requiring added caution. Numerous narrower roads connect the two main roads across, although the traffic volume is far less the roads are generally narrower with more bends however along these roads have loads of hidden wineries and the odd Boutique Brewery that will be left to another day to review.

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