Beercyclist Map

We are going to update this beercyclist map to highlight all the cycle friendly breweries that we discover, along with some notes on what makes the brewery cycle friendly (ie. does it have bike racks, close to a bike trail, bike tools available etc.)

If you know of a cycle friendly brewery that isn’t on the map, then drop us a line at We will need to know the name and address of the brewery as well as what makes the brewery cycle friendly.

You’ll also notice 2 (maybe even 3) different colours on the map.

  • Green is for super duper cycle friendly breweries.
  • Blue is for a brewery with some cycle friendly aspects, such as bike racks, or being located close to a bike trail.
  • Brown is for breweries that have been recommended as being cycle friendly, but I’m still in the process of verifying (either I haven’t been there, or I can’t verify on their website or social media channels).

Below is our beercyclist map of all the breweries we’ve visited on our cycling adventures! We will update this map during our cycle trip.

Click here to check out our proposed cycle route to see where we are headed next!

Center map
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