About Beercycle Touring

Do you like beer? Do you like cycle touring? Then you’re gonna love Beercycle Touring!!! This is a website all about travelling by bike and sampling awesome local brews along the way!

Our mission is to share our discoveries of cycle friendly breweries around the world. This includes where to find some great brews (wherever you are in the World) and any other general tips about being a beercyclist.

We are also offering a platform where others can share their discoveries. If you have visited an amazing brewery while on your bike, or have come across a great local beer then let us know so others can share in your liquid gold discoveries!

There are a number of ways to get involved and become a beercyclist:

About us

We’re an Aussie couple that love exploring by bicycle and drinking great brews. When cycle touring we love to carb load with the delicious sweet nectar of the gods, beer! We cycle for beer, and beer helps us cycle….it’s the circle of life!!!

This is our website about being beercycle tourists. If you want to find out more about our cycle trips then check out our blog at Cycle Trekkers.

about beercycle touring